Tastes through Time produce displays and talks around Food & Cooking, Clothing, and Historical Dyes – showing you the ‘tastes’ in food and clothing throughout the eras. Suitable for a range of audiences from schools to the WI

We offer historically accurate cooking and dyeing displays from Medieval through to WW2. Specialising in Social and Domestic life – telling the story of what normal people did at home, more specifically what women did.

We thoroughly research each era by looking at surviving historical items or studying portraits and written documents of the time, we pride ourselves on being as accurate as possible, and providing fun, knowledgeable talks and displays.

We are constantly evolving our talks and adding new displays.

NEW FOR 2020 – Women at War talks, where we discuss the different roles that women stepped into whilst the men were away – this talk can range from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours (with questions and answer sessions). It is also fully adaptable to your audience, you can choose a role that you wish to focus on (ATS, WRN, Land Army, WVS etc) or we can cover all the generic women at war roles.

Also new for winter 2020 is talks on Tudor Christmas, explaining how different traditional Christmas’ were back then. We can also provide Workshops on how to make Tudor Christmas decorations. Bookings can be accepted now for November 2021 to 12th January 2022 to include twelfth night (with a traditional Tudor twelfth night cake to sample)

NEW FOR 2021 – Witchcraft in England 1560-1680, Herbs and Medicine for Medieval/Tudor/Victorian and Victorian Christmas.

NEW FOR 2023 – Expanding our talks and displays to cater for more of the Women at War displays. We will not be providing talks on the ATS, WRN and WAAF. For 2022, we are busy expanding displays for each service.