Tastes Through Time is made up of two members, a mother and daughter team, Lindsey and Georgina Ratcliffe. They have been Living Historians since 2004, but avid historians even longer. History has always been a lifelong love for them, with Lindsey taking Georgina and her sister on holidays traveling England visiting as many Historical Homes and Castles as they could. One thing they would always say “What if stones could talk?” – What stories would they tell? Who’s shoes have graced these steps? Who’s secrets have they heard? and this has spawned Tastes Through Time.

They wish to tell the lives of the ordinary people, what foods did they eat? how did they dress? How did they make the items they needed to survive? Georgina is extremely passionate about traditional materials and skills, with planting an edible garden at home to learning blacksmithing and beekeeping, there isn’t an era she isn’t passionate about. Lindsey loves her books with her own homegrown library of a few thousand books there isn’t a subject they can’t research or learn.

They are particularly passionate about telling the roles of women throughout history. It seems to be basic knowledge that women just prayed and had babies, however, this is far from the case. Especially when we get to the 20th Century with the Suffragette Movement, WW1 and WW2 – women really did begin to shine and prove themselves.