Meet the passionate duo behind Tastes Through Time, Lindsey and Georgina Ratcliffe—a dynamic mother and daughter team whose love for history has evolved into a captivating journey through time. Living historians since 2004, their fascination with the past extends far beyond their years in reenactment; it’s a lifelong devotion that began with family holidays exploring the historical treasures of England.

For Lindsey and Georgina, history has always been more than dates and facts; it’s a collection of untold stories waiting to be shared. Their countless visits to Historical Homes and Castles sparked a profound curiosity—what tales would these ancient stones reveal if they could talk? Whose footsteps echo in the corridors, and what secrets have been whispered through the ages? This curiosity became the driving force behind the creation of Tastes Through Time.

Their mission is simple yet profound: to unravel the lives of ordinary people throughout history. What did they eat, how did they dress, and how did they craft the essentials for survival? Georgina’s passion for traditional materials and skills is evident in her pursuits, from tending an edible garden to dabbling in blacksmithing and beekeeping across various eras. Lindsey, with her extensive homegrown library, brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, ensuring that no historical subject is beyond their reach. Meanwhile, Lindsey, with over 40 years of experience as a seamstress, is the mastermind behind all of Tastes Through Time’s clothing. She has developed patterns from portraits and woodcarvings, meticulously bringing historical attire to life using techniques and materials as close to the originals as possible.

A special focus of their work lies in telling the stories of women throughout history. Beyond the common misconceptions, Lindsey and Georgina believe in showcasing the multifaceted roles women played. From the seemingly basic assumptions to the groundbreaking moments in the 20th century, such as the Suffragette Movement, WW1, and WW2, women’s resilience and contributions take center stage in their narrative.

Tastes Through Time is more than a historical exploration; it’s a journey led by a passionate mother-daughter duo determined to bring the past to life. Join Lindsey and Georgina as they uncover the richness of history, one story at a time.