At Tastes Through Time, we offer a versatile range of displays and talks to enhance the richness of your events. If you don’t find a specific topic on our list, feel free to email us; we are continually researching and developing our talks to meet diverse interests. Our flexibility extends to tailoring our presentations to specific regions or cities, ensuring a personalised and engaging experience for your audience.

Initially focusing on food and fashion throughout history, Tastes Through Time has evolved to provide immersive experiences beyond culinary and sartorial delights. We excel in creating cooking encampments from medieval through to WW2, as well as cloth dyeing displays that showcase the intricate artistry of Medieval and Tudor eras, we can provide a complete package, showing the journey from sheep to skein, allowing your audience to witness the entire fascinating process. Our popular displays and talks range from Stuart court dress to 1912 high-status dressing, delving into the fascinating details of underwear, layers, and the symbolism behind colors and patterns.

During the lockdown, our research expanded into seasonal cooking, exploring how households prepared for winter. We also dived into the intriguing topic of Witchcraft in England 1580-1660, unravelling the effects of King James I and the infamous witch-finder general. Our commitment to continuous learning led us to deepen our knowledge of herbs and medicines.

WW2-themed events have been a highlight, featuring a comprehensive Land Girl and a WVS/Home Front display. These displays include home comforts, games, toys, ration talks, and evacuation scenarios, providing a vivid and immersive experience for attendees.

Our expertise extends beyond events, as we’ve delivered professional talks at esteemed venues such as the Chalke Valley History Festival, Chelsea History Festival, and the National Army Museum. A significant aspect of our passion lies in increasing awareness of women’s roles in history, spanning from managing households in early modern history to the remarkable contributions of suffragettes and the courageous women of WW2. We continually expand our clothing and displays to honor the WVS/Land Army & Timber Corp/ATS/WAAF/WRN, showcasing the diverse and pivotal roles women played throughout history. Partner with Tastes Through Time to elevate your events with captivating displays and talks that bring history to life.