We can provide many different types of displays and talks, if there isn’t a topic on the list please do email us as we are always researching and developing our talks. We can also tailor our talks to specific regions/cities.

Tastes through time started off as food and fashion tastes throughout history, we have the ability to provide a cooking encampment from medieval through to WW2, cloth dyeing displays for medieval and Tudor – as well as some of our popular displays/talks on Stuart court dress to 1879 high-status dressings, showing the underwear used at the time, the number of layers and the symbolism behind them/the colours/patterns etc.

During lockdown we have expanded our research into seasonal cooking (preparing the household for winter), Witchcraft in England 1560-1680, discussing the effects of King James I and the witch-finder general, and developed our knowledge even further with herbs and medicines.

Some of our more popular displays have been the WW2 events with a large Land girl display and WVS/home front display, complete with home comforts, games and toys, ration talks and evacuation.

We have done a series of professional talks at Chalke Valley history festival, Chelsea History festival, and the National Army Museum.

One of our biggest enthusiasms is increasing the knowledge of the women’s roles in history, from looking after the household in early modern history to the roles of the suffragette and publicising the brave women in WW2 – expanding our clothing and displays for WVS/Land Army & Timber Corp/ATS/WAAF/WRN.