With the current climate of the COVID 19 virus and all our heritage sites being closed down temporarily, and our Historical events being cancelled. A friend and I were discussing the ability to do some historical short videos (15 minutes) to keep the passion going and the madness at bay. Whether it is just for interest for you or as part of the curriculum for home schooling while the schools are closed.

So that is the birth of History Nibbles our very own YouTube channel.

Even though it is a one way video we want to try and make it interactive so YOU choose the subjects, we have started a poll on our Facebook page so the subject with the most likes will be made first. You can also add any subject we may have missed.

We are looking at doing History Nibble specials, to go more in depth on subjects that a lot of people are interested in, also bring in special guests from Historians from TV to my close friends on the Living History scene.

Please like and share our facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel to ensure your notified of all videos that are uploaded!